Community of Vissarion in Siberia

Vissarion and the Community of Vissarion


Promised Land – the Community of Vissarion

This eco-community is a place where people with spiritual aspirations have gathered to live a natural life in harmony with the Earth, without destroying the ecological balance, striving above all to change themselves, building new life with new relationships.

Let us build a Pole of Peace!

APPEAL Towards the followers of Rerih, Blavatsky as well as those pursuing the path to Light and Love

Dear Friends!

In a genuinely heart-felt manner we appeal to those of you, who strive to develop another world – the World of Goodness and Love, to those of you who are not indifferent to the fate of our own planet,  its flora and fauna, to those of you who realize  humankind’s entire responsibility before the Universe. We suggest that you once again examine carefully the events taking place, to make a sound judgement of the situation around you and to consider whether you really do have a real opportunity indeed, each in their own location, to implement successfully those practical steps as suggested by your soul, your conscience.
We appeal to those who would be willing to start developing  new life on Earth now already, to learn to acquire  practical crafts, to attempt to apply in real life a new approach to the relations amongst  people and those towards man and Nature, yet who lack some practical help to these ends.
Meeting with scientists at the Kiev Institute of Philosophy, Vissarion suggested that people set out to develop the building of a Pole of Peace on the territory where  the Community is situated at present. You can develop this Pole in cooperation with us – where it is possible to unite efforts in crafts, in the arts, and where it is not required to speak about the differing understanding of the Spiritual. The Teacher, in answering  one of the scientists’ questions about the salvation of mankind, emphasized that an important aspect for the establishment of a micro-society, capable of surviving any conditions, appears to be the ability of people to join together in all their needs. Vissarion also said:

“…here an important aspect is the approach to earth. It’s not simply importan  as the ecological environment conditions in the city needs to improve and to hope for healthy children in this environment, for them to be good and healthy is already unreasonable. Other conditions are necessary to be able to speak of a normal development of man or in other words, completely different society.
A good contact with the Earth is needed for the body to be healthy and for disease to recede to the background as a matter of no substance. This is why it is very important to examine this joining together precisely on Earth when people decide together on all necessities and learn on an equal basis to agree terms in arriving at a single solution in the arts: how to plough, how to create, how to build, however they need to be able to agree terms in parity.
This is a great challenge problem for human beings …”

Coming back home, the Teacher suggested that we write appeal to all who are up to specific deeds on earth ready to live in the countryside and to undertake actual activities there. The Teacher said: “Well now it is time!” We took this to mean that the time no longer waits,  and we should be quick to make specific and decisive steps. This is the purpose of our present appeal.

We meanwhile have gone a long and hard way to adapt to the new circumstances. Now we have already  established well intended  working  relationships both with the native people and with the regional (Kuragino) and state (Krasnoyarsk) administration. We have created a household infrastructure allowing the new settlers to reclaim new land areas, to build houses and grow the necessary foods. The legal ground has been resolved for the incorporation of new methods in childcare and education,  in  medical security of the new-comers . Amidst our ranks craftsmen were not only born but are also practicing in reality,  who could help you to acquire popular  handicrafts. Our cultural environment (painting art, music, choreography) guarantees the new-comers the opportunity to express themselves creatively.
We are always happy about  new ideas, new authors and new performers. We suggest that  you  make use of all things we have already achieved.

Many of you have heard of various prophesies about  terrifying events in the world. Many people exist under the  full confidence in their doctrines and clairvoyants  who also foresee possible difficulties on our planet. Wouldn’t it then be better if all of us, who walk the path of Light and Love, to get together in one place and build the new society together? To this end we offer our territory – vast, huge, historically preserved in its original form.

We offer you our infrastructure as well. You will not have to begin from scratch like we had to. We make an offer  just like that, take and start the specifics, without long discussions and arguments, build this vast and great world that could withstand any dogmatic and conservative tendencies in society; that will be able to  provide for its vital needs on its own and that would therefore depend to a small degree on  the economical turmoils in society, where people will be able to make  shared decisions collectively  and realize them, which would give this society the foundation to survive any natural catastrophes.

Let us look at this option together. We emphasize one more time that there is no need to speak and argue about a different spiritual understanding. We suggest that we  join our efforts in crafts, in creativity and in child education growing our children.
It is hard to appreciate  the truthfulness of the Teacher, being far from Him. Those, who live beside Him, can see better the fruits of His activity. They have the single  opportunity, studying and trying,  to determine whether He is actually the One we are waiting for.

Let us build the Pole of Peace together!

The people of Promised Land

(Promised Land Newspaper, 57-58, 2003)

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Thousands of years have passed. Now, in the Land of Siberia (South of Krasnoyarsk Region), an astonishing new world has been prepared by God. A wonderful happy life is being born on the laws of Harmony, Love, Goodness. It is amazing and precious that people, gathered from almost all the world, are learning to understand each other, to devote themselves to the others in a spirit of peace and joy.
The Teacher of this new life of Spiritual Growth and Blossoming is Vissarion – the living Word of God. His Essence – to give life – reveals not only in the scriptures of the “Last Testament”, creating revolution in the thinking, relationships and the everyday life of people. It is also aimed to demonstrate in practice the boundless potential for spiritual development to those having taken His Word in their hearts.
On 18th August 1991 for the first time the Word of Vissarion sounded publicly – the Pre-announcement, which spread to many Russian towns and abroad. For more than ten years every stroke of “Last Testament” has been carefully studied and compared in details with many other scriptures.

  • On the holiday of 18 August 2002.

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The doctrine of Vissarion is gaining more and more acceptance in the world of science and is seen as complete, logical and morally pure concept. This doctrine is precious, for it makes sense of all human spiritual achievements and helps to disentangle the confusion of our understanding of God and human beings, of the Creator of Universe (the Absolute, the Single) and our Heavenly Father – the source of Love and Creator of human souls.
According to the Doctrine, the essence of human beings is in their spiritual development, the exercise of love, humanity and joy of life. In contrast to the material world, the spiritual tissue is immortal; it is going to live on the Earth and in the Universe eternally… warming them with the warmth of the human souls, enriching them by the amazing laws of Love.The life path of Vissarion, at first sight, resembles the path of a common person.
He was born in the suburbs of Krasnodar on 14 January 1961 in the family of builders. At the age of 7, together with his parents, he moved to Siberia. Moving from town to town the family stopped in Minusinsk, where Vissarion graduated. After that He did compulsory military service in the building corps and occupied different professional positions. He entered different circles of the human society so that He could bring his Word closely to everyone after that. That let Him become acquainted with the inner world of human beings and the different aspects of their lifes. He had to get to know what earthly love, family, giving birth to children and their education is.
The highest stage of His earthly activity was art. Having never studied painting, Vissarion created a series of canvases called “Human Virtues and Vices”.
In May 1990 the ‘veil’ which had been temporarily hiding His the connection with the Highest, was lifted from Vissarion’s eyes. Finally He realized who he actually is… The first contacts of theTeacher began in March 1991. Since that moment the Word has been walking on the Earth…
Vissarion has become for his followers the Teacher of Love. By devoting himself to the others, He tells them and shows in practice that human beinga are created to bring out into the world the love, goodness, charity and compassion.
“From now on you must become incapable of bringing coldness. You have no right to even think badly of someone – no matter when, under what conditions, or under what banner”.
These are the essential words of the Vissarion’s Doctrine. They firstly touched the hearts of a few people, then hundreds and thousands people started becoming His followers. Many of them began gathering in Siberia. 

United Prayer

Text Box: 1. Lord! Gracious God! 2. Hollowed be Your Name on the Heaven and on the Earth, 3. From one to the other end of the Universe. 4. Lord! Strengthen us in opposing the power of the darkness, so as not only to oppose it, but also to deliver Mother Earth from this litter. 5. Teach us to distinguish good from evil and to remain spiritually calm and firm, so that we worthily do Your Will among people. 6. Strengthen my brothers and sisters, the close and the unknown ones, 7. To see Your true Glory and to be filled their hearts with love, 8. And to get over the dark barriers at their steps on the Path to the Light, 9. And to lend helping hands to one another, and to give boundlessly the warmth of their souls. 10. Lord! May Your Will be done! And may on the Earth be One Nation. 11. Loving his Mother-Nature, connected to You by their love and walking the Path of the True Spiritual Development, resting on Your Last Testament. 12. MORNING: Lord, bless the deeds of the coming day, and let its difficulties be met as it becomes for those approaching Your Light. 13. EVENING: Lord, restore the energy we used to do good, so we can prepare to meet the future day.  Amen


ада Божии!
Ныне даётся вам новая молитва, призванная объединить всех чад Божиих независимо от вероисповедания.
Молитва есть искусство раскрытия души, и только лишь благодаря сему искусству вы сможете укрепить связь души своей с Отцом Небесным, что увеличит приток Божьей Благодати и поможет переносить непогоду злых противодействий.
Единая молитва помогает объединить вас в Единую Духовную Семью и даёт возможность помочь вам, в какой бы оконечности Земли-Матушки вы ни находились. Через неё Бог взирает на сынов, вступивших на Путь полного Расцвета и готовых потрудиться во Славу Его.
Отнесись к сотворению молитвы с должной ответственностью, ибо от сего зависит очищение как твоей души, так и самой Земли-Матушки.
Преклонив колени свои, выпрями спину. Ну а далее, с трепетом и нежностью, единовременно стремясь излучать тепло окружающим и окружающему миру, сотвори молитву.
Постарайся удержать сие состояние, как бы тебе ни препятствовали посторонние мысли, и стремись, по возможности, творить молитву тайно,
Ибо Отец ваш, взирая на тайное, воздаст явью.
Возноси молитвы к Богу не менее двух раз в сутки и независимо от настроения — возвышенное оно или нет.
Утром — дабы уготовиться принять день. Вечером — дабы стряхнуть грязь и восполнить утраченные силы.
Если возносишь молитву в возвышенном состоянии, то избыток благой Cилы легко распространяется вокруг к окружающим и значительно очищает эмоциональную грязь над тобой.
Ежели молишься в подавленном состоянии, то Благодать Божия входит в тебя, нейтрализуя энергию тьмы и восполняя утраченные силы.Ну а ежели молишься только когда тебе плохо, то сие говорит о лицемерии, ибо вспоминаешь о Господе лишь в трудную минуту.
После окончания вечерней молитвы можешь добавить что-либо от себя и, воссоздав образ любого человека, которому желаешь помочь, стремись обогреть его теплом своей души. Благая Сила польётся в душу того человека независимо от его желания.
Старайся согреть любого несчастного, оставившего след в сознании твоём.
Молитесь. И да пребудет с вами Сила Божия!

Господи! Боже милостивый!

Да святится Имя Твоё на Небесах и на Земле,

От края и до края Вселенной!

Господи! Укрепи силы в противостоянии силам мрака, дабы не токмо противостоять ему, но и очищать Землю-Матушку от сего мусора.

Научи отделять благо от зла и пребывать в спокойствии и твёрдости духа, дабы достойно творить меж людей Волю Твою.

Укрепи силы братьев и сестёр моих, как близких, так и неведомых мне.

Да узрят они истинную Славу Твою и исполнятся любви в сердце своём,

И одолеют преграды тёмные в движении по Пути к Свету,

И да протянут друг другу руки свои и отдадут безмерно тепло души.

Господи! Да свершится Воля Твоя! И пребудет на Земле Единый Народ,

Любящий Матерь свою — Природу, воссоединённый с Тобою любовью своей и идущий по Пути Истинного Духовного Развития, опираясь на Последний Завет Твой.

УТРОМ: Благослови, Господи, на деяния дня грядущего, и да будут встречены трудности его, яко и подобает идущим под Светом Твоим.

ВЕЧЕРОМ: Восполни, Господи, утраченные силы на благо, дабы уготовиться к встрече дня будущего.

Abode of Community and  Architecture                   

“It was named different ways: Sun City, City of Masters, the New Jerusalem”

  • Symbol of Faith. Abode of Dawn (left)

  • Going up to the Heavenly Abode  (bottom)

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In the second half of 1994 an initiative group of Vissarion’s followers suggested establishing econosphere settlement near Lake of Tiberkul . The aim of the new settlers is to learn to live on the Earth without harming it, without destroying the ecological balance. That means to replace the consumer attitude to the Nature with tender cooperation. In 1997 the econosphere settlement “Tiberkul” became a member of the international Social-Ecological Association.
The settlement is located on 250 hectares and has three stages: Abode of Dawn (the City) – Heavenly Abode – Temple Peak.
23rd July 1995 the future City was consecrated by Vissarion. It was named different ways: Sun City, City of Masters, the New Jerusalem. In August 1998 the settlement on the Mountain took its official name

“Abode of Dawn”.

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 From the city center, 14 streets radiate out like rays, every one of which has a whimsical name: “Milky Way”, “Sunny Winds”, “Emerald Dew”, “Crystal Gate”, “Shimmering Secrets”, “Children’s Fantasy”, “Naughty Rain”, etc. Around city center, in circles, there will be built schools, workshops of folk handicrafts, and then the living area with the vegetable and flower gardens as well as the children’s playgrounds.


The “Heavenly Abode” is spread out above the City. The house of Teacher is there and the houses of five of his disciples there.

The beginning of 1998 is marked with a great Event: on the Temple Peak the Temple “Altar of Earth” was erected – a symbol of the great Time, the Time when the future human race is coming to existence.

photo9-04Inside the Temple, on a marble “pedestal”, a bronze sculpture (“Symbol of Love“) has been erected, representing five angels reaching for the Bethlehem Star on high. The base  of the “Alter of Earth” is the stone “Bear“, found in July 1996 just under the surface of the ground, right in the center of the temple site.

In January 1998 in the City Center the “Symbol of Faith” was established.


On the 3rd March 1995 in the village of Gulyaevka Vissarion consecrated the first chapel, erected by young builders of Promised Land. Teacher called this day the Day of Joy.


Let this wonderful day be glorious, for this is a great omen in your life, when by the labor of your hands a stone of greatest solidity has being built, which cannot be destroyed by unworthy deeds… Celebrate your paths with great milestones, made for the Glory of God! As only by your hands the Name of the Father can be glorified !” – the Teacher said after the consecration of the chapel.

photo10-14In 1996 Vissarion consecrated the House of Prayer in Cheremshanka, where there is a belfry with 17 bells and daily morning services.

n Autumn 1998 the Chapel of Zhuravlyovo was consecrated and building was begun on the new community School of Cheremshanka.


In 2000 in Petropavlovka the building of the Education, Exposition and Concert Complex began.

concert scene

Work life in the Vissarion Community

             The settlers strive to use machines minimally   and to use their hand and horses maximally so that the harm to Mother Earth as little as possible.photo4-2

          The first followers of the Vissarion’s Doctrine appeared in Minusinsk in 1992 and since 1993 the Community has been growing.
         From that moment this place was given the name “Promised Land”. It was chosen for the arduous building of the Future.
           The major reason for the people to come here is the aspiration to build the model of future society, i.e. a life together where the words do not differ from activities, where the spiritual and moral ideals and principles laid in human being by God and educated in the school, the books and the high culture are embodied.

The building of a United human Family is the prime aim of the Community. An important principle of the Family is: there cannot be people without food and education. But the foremost is – the new relationships can be build on the basis of working together, of love and understanding for each other, free from greed, fear, envy and self-interest.
Building new life with new relationships, the followers of Vissarion strive above all to change themselves, to become purer and better.

    photo4-4It is just what Vissarion teaches, saying: “To build something, to build houses – even more to think about building temples – first try to build the relationships between each other. If you manage that, then the temples will be built on this land. If you do not manage – let’s go away”.

“The palm with the five fingers is a great symbol of the essence of your life. This indicates your labor…

Your happiness is in your ability to give, to give boundlessly…

The one who gives – he will acquire without measure. Get to know this great Happiness”.

Andrei Mirinchev,
cooper from Gulyaevka

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“The real mouth is in your palms. Let your palms speak; let your hands tell the words of Love. This is the moment when the space of the Universe will be filled by a fascinating music”.


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Yuri Panasenko,
potter from Abode of Dawn

 More and more people of the Community are learning folk handicrafts. .    Computer specialist learn basket-making, for example, professional driver become potter, metallurgist become smith. Products of birch bark, beautiful wood carving and painting, made by the new masters decorate the houses and the everyday life of the people.

Children in the Community learn to live like one family.

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  • Children kiss. Heavenly Abode

Children and youth are the main resource of the future society. The unique think about the education of the children in the community schools is that starting from 12 years old, along with general education, including art (music, painting, speaking, moving and sculpturing), also folk handicrafts are taught.

“The schools will be formed on the basis of workshops. The lessons at the beginning will be the general education and certainly the fundamentals of art…”


The school programme is designed in such a way that all the negative information and images, anything dealing with destruction, are eliminated as much as possible from the lessons.

During the children education, there is a harmonious blending of the general classes with the practical lessons on arts and crafts. It is intended that the boys should grow to become masters but not warriors and the girls should be good, smart housekeepers.

The pedagogues and educators in the community schools strive to suppress the spirit of competition between children. The major point is that the children grow without aggression, fear, hatred and deception.

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  • Joy. Cheremshanka

Every fourth child is examined in a general school. At graduation, taking their diploma, the children choose their way in life on their own, i.e. they have a complete freedom of choice where to go on. In the villages of the Community there are regular youth camp-meetings on different themes and every month there are seminars on education. At the meetings, the children get to know each other, share their creativity and most importantly – learn to live like one family.

Truly yours Irina Grin




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